LED grow light KITs section


Because there are too many possibilities, we choosed to give only a general description of our custom made kits.

There are 3 main categories:

– with 5 LEDs engines (vegetative growth)

– with 6 LEDs engines (vegetative growth and orchids, high CRI)

– with 7 LEDs engines (complete cycle or straight flowering)

Please contact us for advices, technical questions or quotations.

Thank you for your understanding.

Les nouvelles cartes 7 LEDs croissance /floraison V1.5 et floraison V1.6  sont en stock!

La carte 5 leds croissance V1.2 et la carte 6 leds V1.1 sont parfaitement abouties. Leur spectre restera figé puisqu’il est optimal. Sur les versions ultérieures, seuls les bins des LEDs augmenterons en fonction des sorties des nouveaux modèles OSRAM.

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